ANR Pipeline Company (ANR) enjoys a rich tradition in the natural gas pipeline business. From its founding as the Michigan-Wisconsin Pipe Line Company in 1945 to being a member of the TC Energy family of companies in 2007, ANR operates one of the largest interstate natural gas pipeline systems in the United States.

Our broad array of competitively priced services is customer-and market-responsive, providing customers the flexibility they need to compete in today’s natural gas marketplace. We offer a full menu of transportation options, hub services, and several storage options.

We can tap virtually all of the major gas supply basins in North America, providing customers with multiple supply options. In addition, through its numerous interconnections with other major interstate pipelines, ANR can readily serve customers far beyond its traditional service area in the Midwest.

Through its approximately 10,600 miles of pipeline, ANR delivers more than 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas annually, with a peak-day delivery capacity of more than 6 billion cubic feet (Bcf). ANR Pipeline, ANR Storage and Blue Lake Gas Storage have a combined underground storage capacity exceeding 250 Bcf.

ANR sets the standard in natural gas services. We are committed to the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to each and every one of our customers.